Mr. Igor Müller was born in 1969 in Moravia (Eastern part of Czech Republic) He studied glass making in Art & Industrial Glass Institute in Zelezny Brod with professor Stanislav Simunek. Zelezny Brod in one of the glass making centers in the heart of the glass region of the Czech Republic. After completing his studies he worker in the numerous Glass shops and factories. The biggest influence on his style and expression had Tomas Oliva in his small shop in Zelezny Brod. Mr. Müller worked and studied glass making in USA from 1994 - 1997.

In 1997 he returned to Czech Republic and started to build small glass studio where he works to this day. He is focusing on historically correct replical of old glass, frequently utilizing age old techniques and procedures. Each piece is produced by Mr. Müller with assistance by two of his understudies.

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